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#Yoga4Growth + When Yoga Goes Wrong

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Hey loves!  How’s your Sunday going?  Well, me? I’m nursing a very sore and strained neck and upper back.

This whole thing started when I decided to do the January #Yoga4 Growth challenge with Sanaa (@ladydork) and Koya Webb (@koyawebb) on Instagram.  I’ve been oogling admiring all of the posts and pictures that both of these beautiful ladies would post of their yoga poses for the past few years now.  It has been on my list of goals to become well-skilled in yoga so, when I got wind of this new challenge I was all in.

I got a little too ahead of myself and did multiple headstands one day (I blame all of those endorphins).  Within a few hours, my 30+ body was rebelling.  It was bad!

I was already having some issues with my back and then, I decided to pop into headstands without any clue as to how to do it the correct way.  My neck and back have been in such pain ever since then.  No worries though.  A chiropractor’s visit has been scheduled and I have learned a huge lesson.

The lesson?

Do your homework and GRADUALLY work your way up to being that graceful yogi who can do all of those backbends and mid-air splits.  ALL things take time and consistency.


I refuse to give up though.  I WILL reach the yoga level I want to reach.

There is a new yoga challenge coming up shortly and I will be participating.  This time armed with a little more wisdom and carefulness, of course.

Want to join the February challenge? It starts tomorrow, Feb. 1st.

How it works:

1.Go to Instagram

2.Follow @ladydork and @KoyaWebb

3.Repost this photo on your IG account and tag @ladydork and @KoyaWebb.  Also, add the hashtag #Yoga4Growth.

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4.The night before, they will post a picture of the pose for the next day.

5.Each day, take a picture of your pose and post to IG with the same tags above.

6. Or, if you are not trying to enter the contest to win the prize from the sponsors, feel free to practice each pose each day without all of the picture-taking and IG posting.

It’s all about learning new things and getting our bodies and minds to a new level.  Just have fun with it!

Oh, and don’t get all superwoman like I did and pop into headstands if you know you’re not ready.  

Don’t forget to follow me on IG @simplisticchic_ as I post all of my poses during the challenge.  Good luck!