The Best Foods to Beat This Summer Heat

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This Georgia summer heat did not come to play! I refuse to let it keep me in the house though. With a 3 year old at home and no dream vacation in sight for the next few months*sigh*, I still have to find things to do outside to keep my sanity. Here are some foods I’ve been eating that are certified healthy thirst quenchers to help me cool down.

1.  Watermelon

I’ll be honest, watermelon is not my favorite fruit. However, with it being high on the list with vitamins A and C, and 92 percent water, I try to scarf some down when I can. Also, thanks to the amino acid citrulline, watermelon can help to reduce muscle soreness from those workout sessions.

2. Apples

These powerhouse fruits have lots of Vitamin C, give you fiber and can help lower your blood pressure and type 2 diabetes risk.

3. Coconut water

Recently, I’ve been buying too many bottles of coconut water to count, but I won’t stop because it’s become one of my favorites. Not all coconut water is created equal though. Some are full of sugar and other additives, and that’s not what I’m after right now. My go-to brand is from Harmless Harvest and they get all my money weekly (when they’re not out of stock at Publix). I use them to make smoothies and they’re so good! With lots of electrolytes and magnesium, coconut water is very hydrating and does a body good.

Which of these is your favorite?