The 1 Product Switch that Changed My Life

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Okay maybe it’s too soon to use the word ‘fix’ but, making the switch to a more natural feminine care product has made a change in my body that is undeniable.

I used to be a Tampax girl myself but, not anymore.  No shade to Tampax because I really had zero complaints when it came time to use them.  However,  I have been reading and taking notes on any and everything that will eliminate chemicals and any other foreign things that may upset my little ovaries even further.

I was perusing this great site called FloLiving (if you’re a woman or know a woman, you HAVE to check it out) and came across a post that changed everything for me.  It went into detail about how your feminine hygiene products could be wreaking havoc on your body.  Anything from inflammation and yeast infections to painful or irregular cycles could be a result of using the conventional feminine hygiene products.  That’s all I needed to read before making the decision to switch to Natracare.

There are so many different, natural options to choose from now that I was not sure what I would choose at first.  There’s the DivaCup, Softcup, Veeda tampons, and so many others that I’ve seen or heard about.  I just went to Whole Foods and checked out their feminine product aisle.  I picked up a box of the NatraCare tampons since I’m still a tampon girl….for now.

After  just the first month of using it, I noticed that the recurring irritation I was having “down there” for a few months prior was completely gone! This may be a little T.M.I, but  when I used my previous tampons I would notice a not so pleasant smell at times that I figured was just from my cycle. Would you know that when I made the switch to NatraCare, there was not even the faintest hint of that smell anymore?   And I’m not sure if it was just my whole recent change in lifestyle or what, but Aunt Flo returned the very next two months after that also.

You may be saying, “Ok…and?”

Well, due to my PCOS, I would only get my period once every three to four months.  Sometimes it would be up to six months!  This has been the case since I was about 16 and I am now 30-ish *wink*.  Next on my list is the SoftCup or DivaCup since I have been hearing so much about it.  I’m trying to muster up the courage to use it throughout my normal work day but, I figure I may as well.

I’m never going back to “regular” tampons or pads EVER.  The changes I have seen in my body within just three months really have me sold.  I cringe to think of what I’ve been subjecting my poor lady parts to all these years but hey, when you know better, you do better.

What are your favorite feminine care products to use?