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Hair 101: Pregnancy Effects

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Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I noticed something– my hair was different, and not in a good way.  When I had my hair pressed for my wedding day, I was 9 weeks pregnant and I could just tell it was limp and not as full as it used to be at all.

I thought it was heat damage at first but, when I washed my hair it would revert right back perfectly to its natural curl pattern so I knew that was not it.  I realized that this little human was causing more changes than I knew so, I would have to switch some things up with my hair.

What I do differently:

  1. I used to wash and condition my hair by myself most of the time but now I get my hair shampooed, conditioned, trimmed, and blowdried every two weeks by my hairdresser (I do not have the energy to deal with it myself right now).
  2. I started using Design Essentials Therapeutics Anti-Itch Scalp treatment on my scalp and it is heavenly!  My scalp has been drier than usual and when my hairdresser introduced me to this product, I was hooked.  It makes my head feel amazing!
  3. Less is more.  I’ve never been real fussy with my hair but, now I do a lot more low-maintenance styles.  A high bun for a week, a low bun the next week, a twistout for a few days after that, and then back to a high bun.

My hair seems to be doing a little better now that I have been using very little heat on it and my appetite has picked up somewhat so maybe there are more nutrients available for hair growth.  This whole journey helps me to see that I will learn something new every day, every week, and every month, and to just adjust as I go.

As long as my little pumpkin is growing and doing okay, everything else is minor stuff.

What changes did pregnancy bring to your hair?


Hair Talk: Help Me Choose a New Style

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I’m in a rut with my hair and I need a change! I feel a little bad for obsessing over something like hair like this but, I really do just need something new.

Since my super big chop last September, I’ve been rocking my short ‘do and loving it! When my hair was still short, wash days were so easy breezy and my curl pattern was the most defined I’ve ever seen it.

I won’t lie though, every once in a while I would want my long hair back.  The new ‘defined-curl-no-heat-damage’ long hair though not that stringy, non-curling stuff I had before the cut.

In the meantime, in-between time, I’ve been learning new ways to style my hair.  Now it’s in that slightly awkward stage where it’s growing quite a bit but, not fast enough for all of my pre-big chop go-to styles.  My top knot bun and twistouts end up looking kinda chickenhead-ish actually.

Really not cute.

I want to let my hair grow out but, I’m getting impatient and I had a minor setback about a month ago after a hairstylist visit left me with a little heat damage once again.  So now I’m even more limited in how I can style my hair. Ugh!

My wash-n-go’s that I was wearing since I got my haircut now look hella crazy with these straight ends everywhere.  I keep reminding myself that it’s just hair but, it really affects my day when I feel like my hair looks a mess.

I went in with some scissors at home a few days ago and chopped off some of the straight ends in hopes of it looking a little better.  It helped somewhat but, I’m so bored and frustrated with it at this point.

I need something done! I’ve been scouring the internet to find some inspiration for what I should do next.  I’m leaning towards a protective style but, I’m also toying with the idea of cutting it again.


Marley twists. Love the look, despise the take down. Source- Instagram user genuinely_emilie        


I had my hair cut into this style last year and I loved it! I may revisit it soon.

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The curls, color, everything !  This would be a great Fall color.  Source- Instagram @beautybylee


The beautiful Keri Hilson with box braids. I love the ease of my days and nights with braids but, not feeling the take down.

Another contender on the color list. Source- Instagram user @shaddahelyse

So gorgeous! Another contender on my color list. Source- Instagram user @shaddahelyse

Which style do you think I should try next?