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Foam Rolling Basics

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This past weekend I went to a Glute Camp with a few friends and this is what I was doing for the following two days, including today:

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I’ve had this foam roller for a minute now and decided to use it after realizing just how sore that workout was going to have me!

A few of the benefits of foam rolling are:

  • Increased blood flow to your muscles.  This can help increase delivery of oxygen during your workout.
  • Helps to relieve muscle tension, especially after a hard workout.  Lord knows I was looking for some relief!
  • Decreased muscle soreness. Foam rolling can help the muscles repair quicker which will help you not to feel as sore the next day. Side note: if you wait until the next day to foam roll after an intense workout, you may be screaming like hell.  Trying to foam roll super sore legs and glutes was so painful!  I did though because I figured it might help.

Okay, now  more about this Glute Camp that kicked my butt….literally.  It was an hour long class that worked glutes, abs, legs, shoulders and seriously had me ready to tap out.  There were no breaks in between and the burn was so serious! That same evening I could feel my muscles begin to ache.  The next day, it hurt to sit down and use the bathroom.  Stairs were NOT my friend.  Walking down any steps felt like my quads and hamstrings were on fire.

Today is Tuesday and the soreness is just wearing off a little.  No pain, no gain though.  Right?  So, I will be back to the Glute Camp like these past three days of torture never happened because I’m a little vain, getting older, and summer is literally peeking from around the corner. Ha!

Have you ever tried foam rolling?