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Preggo Fitness Motivation

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Hey loves! I’m 25 weeks today and I’m just now starting to workout a little more consistently.  By workout I mean, walking briskly for 20 minutes and exercises with light weights (squats, lunges, etc.).  Nausea still lingers throughout the day but, it is not as bad as it was in the early weeks and I’m not throwing up anymore.  I wish it would go away altogether but, that does not seem to be the case right now so I’m sucking it up and learning new ways to deal with it.

Finding the motivation to workout has been really tough but, I know that it is important to my body and mind, my baby, delivery, and that snapback that I so desperately want.  I’ve been turning to Instagram and Youtube  to help me out since I don’t have a trainer right now.

There are a few fit, fly mamas on Instagram that encourage me to get myself up and workout.  They all have effective workout videos that are preggo-safe and can be done in the comfort of my own home while still giving me the results I need.

A little tidbit of advice from experience though– use other people’s journey as encouragement but, do not compare yourself to them.

I used to find myself looking at some of these women who had the energy to workout every single day and I would get so down about myself because I was still too sick to workout like I wanted to.  Also, their bellies at 30 weeks looked smaller than what I saw when I looked in the mirror at 16 weeks and it was discouraging.

Every woman carried differently and everyone’s body is different.  Enjoy your own journey through this miracle of carrying life!

If you’re with child and looking for some fitness motivation, check these ladies out on Instagram (and remember to always check with your doctor first before beginning any type of workout regimen, especially while pregnant) :





My current YouTube pregnancy workout video and channel rotation include:

  1. 6 minute pregnancy workout with Blogilates
  2. Prenatal cardio dance workout with @KeairaLashae
  3. 5 minute Maternity workout
  4. Exercises to relieve back pain during pregnancy

What are your favorite exercises during pregnancy and postpartum?


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My Massage Heights Experience

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I received  a complementary massage service from Massage Heights in return for writing an honest review of their services.

IMG_6929 (1)

On my way to the Buckhead, Atlanta location of Massage Heights yesterday I was beyond excited.  It had been years (eight to be exact) since I last laid on a massage table….way too long.


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My Favorite Leg Workout Routines

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It’s the morning after fourth of July and I’m feeling not too great about all of the cake and ice cream I indulged in yesterday.  It tasted so good going down but, I’m trying to start back at square one with this body of mine. Swimsuit season is still in full effect and my nuptials are fast approaching so, I don’t want to backtrack too far.

Today, I’m working my favorite body part– LEGS.  Since I don’t have the luxury of having a trainer right now, Youtube has been the next best thing when putting together a workout routine.

Here are some of my favorite channels for leg workout routines:


What’s your favorite body part to work on?