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Black-Owned Beauty + Wellness Brands You Should Know About

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With protests taking place, important elections, and a pandemic you might be tempted to think that beauty is the last thing you should be focused on, but I’m here to tell you that it is essential.  Beauty products and regimens play a huge role in self-care; something we could all use during times that threaten to take so much and leave us on empty mentally, physically, and spiritually.  It can be seriously draining. 

In response to the murder of George Floyd, and other black women and men due to racism and police brutality, there has also been much conversation around other effective ways to support the ongoing fight against systemic racism and inequality.  Using our dollars to buy Black is another great way to fuel and support our communities.   

Here are some black-owned beauty and wellness brands that will take your self-care to the next level. And because we must also being mindful of what we put on our bodies, these brands make it their mission to provide products with quality, non-toxic ingredients and materials that cater to the unique needs of all shades on the melanin spectrum.

1.   Be Transcendent– a plant-based, all-natural skincare that addresses the needs of all skin types and shades.  

Price: $10 to $25

2. Honey Pot Co.-  the first complete feminine care system powered by herbs.

Price: $7 to $20

3. Black Girl Sunscreen– finally a sunscreen for melanated skin, full of natural ingredients but, without the white residue.

Price: $10 to $25

4. BLK + GRN– your one-stop shop for natural products by black artisans.

Price: $12 to $49

5. Mented Cosmetics– their foundations and nude lipsticks are the perfect shades for all skin tones, and are free of parabens and toxins. 

Price: $15 to $50

6. Alexandra Winbush– because nothing says self-care quite like lit soy candles and loose leaf tea. 

Price: $12 to $26

Sometimes we feel pressured to do, be, and say all the things society desires of us but, remember to put yourself first with no apologies. Rest when you need to.  Get up and check something off your to-do list when you need to.  Find ways to rejuvenate and unplug when you have to.  You can’t pour from an empty cup. 

What are some of your favorite self-care products?


Body Scrubs + National Coffee Day

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It’s National Coffee Day!  Lattes, espressos, or  coffee of any kind are not really my thing but I do live for a great coffee body scrub.

My do-it-yourself coffee scrub recipe includes:

  • coffee grounds
  • coconut oil
  • brown sugar
  • juice from 1/2 of a lemon

After showering, I rub the scrub into my skin in slow, circular motions making sure to hit my elbows, knees, butt, and heels.  A good rinse and I have brighter, tighter, glowing skin!  My skin is left super soft and moisturized without that heavy, greasy feeling.

Don’t use the scrub every day though, because it could really irritate your skin.   Once a week at the most is what I do.

Have you tried coffee scrubs?