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Natural Remedies

Growing up in a Caribbean household (Jamaica, Trinidad, and St. Vincent wave ya’ flag!), I learned about all sorts of natural remedies and concoctions.  Anything from the common cold to skin rashes, my grandmother could fix with just a few minutes in the kitchen and some herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables, or roots.

As I’ve gotten older, I sometimes wonder if some of these “remedies” are more of mind over matter.  However, I do know for sure that some of them really do work.  Here are a few that I regularly use:

  1. Bragg’s Organic apple cider vinegar + lemon + honey –  whenever I feel the beginning of a sore throat or cough coming on I mix this up with some warm water and sip first thing in the morning for a few days.  It has worked EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. My symptoms never progress into a full-fledged cold.  I think the key is to drink this in the very early stages.
  2.  Ginger–  for indigestion, stomachache, heartburn, or nausea I boil about a half inch of ginger root in a small pot for a few minutes, pour into a cup, and drink.  It has saved me from some serious bubblegut episodes.
  3. Coconut oil– I call this my little jar of magic.  I used it for years on my hair, skin, and teeth (Google oil pulling and thank me later).  Recently, I read that it was good to use on my lady parts. Sounds crazy but, it has become a staple in my feminine hygiene arsenal.  Ladies, you know those times when you feel that annoying little itch and discomfort trying to creep on in?  Before it has even the slightest chance of getting worse and wreaking havoc, I rub a little coconut oil on the outside area.  If it is a little more severe, I dip a tampon (organic, natural ones only) in coconut oil and insert.   After a few hours, all is right with the world again!

What are some natural remedies that you swear by?