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My Massage Heights Experience

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I received  a complementary massage service from Massage Heights in return for writing an honest review of their services.

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On my way to the Buckhead, Atlanta location of Massage Heights yesterday I was beyond excited.  It had been years (eight to be exact) since I last laid on a massage table….way too long.


When I walked in, I was greeted by two ladies who gave me a short form to fill out with my massage pressure preferences, medical history, and other personal history information.  Shortly after turning in my form, I was introduced to my massage therapist, Jael, and taken back into the massage room.  Jael made me feel very comfortable from the start. She asked about any areas on my body I felt were extra tense and she listened to all of my concerns.

She explained that in addition to the 90-minute massage, I could pick an elevation (add-on).  The two I could choose from were the  facial massage and hot stones.  I always wanted to try the hot stones but, was a little nervous.  Jael told me that using them would really help to relax my muscles so, I went with that choice.

Then, it was time for me to pick an aromatherapy oil.  Yes, each service comes with FREE aromatherapy.  I was all for it because I know it has so many great health benefits.  There were four: Revive, Breathe, Relax, and Engerize.  I chose Jael’s favorite, Revive.

The Massage

Jael started with my neck and back, making sure to ask me how I felt and whether I need more or less pressure.  She worked her way down to the area between my  shoulder blades that I expressed was giving me the most discomfort for the past few months.  I could feel my body begin to really relax and it was like six months’ worth of tension and pain was slowly leaving my body.  It was truly an indescribable feeling!

Next, came the long awaited hot stones and they did NOT disappoint.  I appreciated the fact that Jael told me when she was going to put the stones  on my back before she actually did.  They  felt amazing on my skin and muscles as she moved them up and down my back with the right amount of pressure.


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Jael continued to work her magic on my legs, feet, and even my toes.  I go to the gym a few times a week and run so, my legs and feet were in need of some t.l.c.  more than I realized.  She really took her time with each leg (front AND back), then each foot, and each toe!

When she was done, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep.   I liked that she told me to take my time getting off the table before getting dressed.  I felt like a new person when I got off the table.  My aches and pains in my back were completely gone!

Jael met me at the door with a cup of water and walked me to the front.  She wrote a recommended regimen which included coming in at least once a month, and stretching before and after each workout.  I thanked her for such a great massage and told her I would definitely be back.


The two ladies at the front asked me how my massage went and showed me the different massage packages Massage Heights offers and explained more about the benefits of becoming a member.  There are so many options to fit your budget and help meet your wellness needs at the same time.

Massage Therapy Benefits

I used to think of a massage as something that you just do as a treat every once in a while but, massage therapy should be a part of a healthy lifestyle regimen.

The benefits of getting a massage regularly include:

  • reduced stress
  • pain management
  • improved circulation
  • increased flexibility

This can make a world of difference if you workout a lot, are an athlete, pregnant (they offer prenatal massage), or just want to feel at your best every day.  Next, I want to have a couple’s massage for my fiance and I because wedding planning can be super stressful!

After leaving yesterday, I was able to wiz through a lot more tasks on my to-do list and slept like a baby last night! Today, I am still on a high and my body feels extremely relaxed.

I am thankful to Massage Heights for such a pleasurable experience and for opening my eyes to how important massage therapy is to my overall health.

*All photos courtesy of Malcolm Davie Photography