Morning Sickness Chronicles

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My everyday reminder to myself these days : Lord, for this child I prayed.

Let me just say, I am so grateful to have gotten pregnant naturally despite what doctors have said and to have a healthy pregnancy so far at age 36.  No charting, no temperature-taking, ovulation predictor kits, and no fertility meds.  Thank you , Lord!

This morning sickness (or afternoon and night sickness, in my case) though has really thrown me for a loop. I do not want to complain by any means, a sista just needs some relief!

My afternoons and evenings without fail include nausea, gagging, metallic taste in my mouth after I eat, and a bloodhound-level smell sensitivity to so many things. For me, the constant feeling like you want to throw up is almost worse than actually throwing up.  Good lord!

Let’s not forget the occasional throwing up sessions, which feel like everything I’ve eaten for two days is being emptied from my stomach.

Then there’s being so hungry and not having a clue what the heck to eat because it either smells funny or makes my stomach churn just looking at it, so I end up eating nothing and feeling even worse.  Some days I feel like I am losing my mind and just want to cry.

My doctor prescribed me some anti-nausea medication and I fought against it for a while but, gave in twice when it was just unbearable.  It still didn’t provide me complete relief aside from putting me to sleep a few minutes later but, I did feel somewhat better.

I am still trying different remedies to avoid become totally dependent on the Diclegis since I don’t have the option of sleeping during the day when I feel like and I just don’t like the idea of taking prescription drugs everyday.

I picked up these bands that are supposed help relieve nausea, called Psi Bands.  I have been wearing them on and off for a few days and they do help a little, still not as much as I would like.  I am going to wear them more often and see if that makes a difference.

Other things I’ve tried/ or currently use:

-Ginger tea

-saltine crackers

-crushed ice

-Preggie Pop candies

-ginger ale

-eating  and smelling lemon wedges

Ladies, if you have any effective tips, products or remedies for morning sickness feel free to leave them below!