{Inspiration} Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

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I’m so glad for a Monday off from the 9-5.  I’ve been feeling like a major shift is coming and it feels scary sometimes but, I am so ready to feel like I’m really living! Not like drunk dancing on tables and staying up ’til 4 type of living but, the type of life where I’m having new experiences. Waking up and looking forward to being totally engrossed and engaged in every minute of my life—moving in my purpose, using every ounce of my God-given gifts is the type of life I must have.

I’m thankful for all that God has done for me and I know that He is nudging me to strive for more. For the past few weeks, I’ve just been existing and literally feeling like parts of me are dying.  I’m not feeling it and I have to change it.  No more complacency and playing it safe.  I have to step out on faith and trust that God will see me through with the dreams He has planted in my heart. 

I encourage all of you to feel the fear and do it anyway today! Even a small step towards your goal is progress.

Comment below and tell me one thing you’ve wanted to do that you’ve been fearful to do.   (if you don’t see the comment box, click the title of this post and then scroll to the bottom)