How to Make An Imperfect Smile Look Better In Photos

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Ok, so I have gone back and forth about doing a post like this and decided to just go ahead and share my thoughts on this because someone could be dealing with the same thing.

It may seem like a vain and minor thing to be concerned about but, this is something that has bothered me for the past few years and it seems like it has progressively gotten worse in the past year.

The short story is I want straight teeth and it sucks that I don’t feel comfortable showing them. It has really affected my every day life at this point. My smile, confidence, how I speak….everything.

Back story: I had braces for over two years as a child, but never wore a retainer afterwards (a big, fat no-no). My teeth started shifting and while they never went back completely to how they looked pre-braces, I’m still just as unhappy with it.

I have a plan to get braces, preferably Invisalign, but I have some fillings and crowns that I need to get done first annnnnd, it’s not cheap.

Not fun and not what I wanted to hear but, such is life.

In the meantime, I’ve figured out a few ways to still smile in photos and not really show the flaws in my smile as much.

  1. Smile genuinely– fake smiles just look wrong in general, and they really highlight any flaws, at least for me they do. Exhibit A:
Invisalign, braces, orthodontics

2. Relax. Your nerves will show on your face. Pay attention to your face and jaw muscles, and take a few seconds to relax them.

3. Find your best angle. I’ve found that taking pictures from my left side works best for me. When I also feel relaxed and smile naturally, you can’t even tell that I’m in need of some braces. (well, maybe a little but not as much)

Invisalign, braces, orthodontics
Invisalign, braces, orthodontics

This is what I’ve been doing until I can get all of my dental work complete and finally get Invisalign or FastBraces put on. I can’t wait!! I know it will do wonders for my self-confidence.

Have you ever had braces or Invisalign? What was your experience?