Hair Talk: Aveda Be Curly

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In an attempt not to chop all of my hair off for the second time in two years, I’ve been trying new products and no-heat styles.  My hair has been super dry recently and unbearable to deal with most days, making visions of grabbing some shears very real.  I remembered how Aveda products used to make everything right with my hair a few years ago so, I decided to give them another try.

While at the Aveda store, I saw the Aveda Be Curly line and picked up the conditioner and intensive detangling masque.


I was on my way out of town that weekend so, I needed the products to work some magic (little did I know that it would be the weekend that I got engaged!).

I shampooed my hair with a clarifying shampoo from Shea Moisture, rinsed, then followed up with the Aveda Be Curly conditioner.  I let the conditioner sit for about five minutes before rinsing.  Next, I applied the Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque and stuffed my hair in a plastic grocery bag (don’t judge me, my hair has gotten way too big for a regular shower cap).  I sat under a hair dryer for about twenty minutes to give my hair a more intense conditioning treatment.




After rinsing, I really did not know what I wanted to do with my hair.  I pinned the back up some kind of way and then set the front of my hair on some flexirods.

I let it dry overnight then took them out the next morning to unleash some cute spirals.  Sometimes they are a little too tight of a curl but, they usually fall within a few hours.  By the way, a little disclaimer that flexirods are not the most comfortable to sleep in AT ALL but, you have to sacrifice for vanity sometimes.

Review: Overall, I liked the Be Curly products but, they did not leave my hair as moisturized as when I used the Aveda Damage Remedy line.  I was still pleased with the end result.  I will probably go back to the Damage Remedy line though.

This was the finished product a few days later and the day I got engaged!


Which products is your hair loving these days?