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Skin 101

Skin 101: Masks

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Sundays are my days to reboot, relax, map out my goals for the week, and do a little pampering. One thing that I do for sure weekly is a face mask.  They have many benefits and always take my skin from dull to smooth and glowing every time.

Some of the advantages of face masks include:

  •  tightens the pores
  • removes dead skin cells
  • hydrates the skin
  • removes excess oil

I have oily skin that is sometimes prone to breakouts periodically so, face masks are a must-have for me.  When I skip using masks for a few weeks, my face looks like oil slick city (super frustrating and really not the look I’m going for).


Whether you have dry, aging, oily, or combination skin there is a mask that is specially formulated to help you reach your skin care goals.

Some of my favorites right now are:

  1. Aztec Indian Healing clay mask with apple cider vinegar– this is the mask I use when I’m having serious skin issues and need help quick! It is super powerful and you can feel the mask actually pulsating, working to get those impurities up out of those pores.



2.  Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin enzyme mask – I picked this up from Sephora a few months ago and although it is a little pricey, it is well worth every penny!  It has a very light, pumpkin scent and it doubles as an exfoliator and a mask.

I gently rub it all over my face–very gently– and then let it sit for about 2 minutes so that the enzymes can take effect.  I rinse, apply a little moisturizer, and my skin is left baby soft smooth with the right amount of hydration.  This is definitely my new favorite.

What’s your favorite skin care mask?

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4 Must-Have Natural Body Washes

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As a self-proclaimed girly-girl, I have always loved indulging in a wide array of  “smell goods”.  Lotions, perfumes, body sprays, and everything else that could be found in body care aisles at Target and Ulta.  My recent love is body washes.  I just love getting out of the shower and still smelling fresh even hours later.

As I began my natural heath journey though I have had to ditch my old body washes for ones without parabens or sulfates.  These chemicals are typically used to prolong shelf life and produce more lather in shampoos and soaps but, they may have detrimental effects on the reproductive system, skin, and the immune system over time.

Why I Made the Switch

I came across a site  by holistic health coach, Alissa Vitti that has really transformed my life.  What drew me in was that she had been diagnosed with  PCOS (as I have been) and was able to get her body in balance AND get pregnant naturally at age 37 by changing her diet and her entire lifestyle. NO meds.

One of the things I learned from Alissa’s site was the importance of checking those labels on all of my body care products.  According to her, those chemicals can wreak havoc on your body over time, especially your reproductive system.

Y’all already know I’m 35, newly engaged, and am praying to the Lord up above for cute, healthy babies despite what doctors say.  I’m claiming it but, I know that I have to do what I can to help balance these hormones.  Well, I immediately switched out my body wash for one without parabens, sulfates, or mineral oil after reading Alissa’s article.

My current favorite is the C. Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Body Wash.  I’m in love with the slightly sweet almond scent and how soft and moisturized it leaves my skin.  I picked it up from Ulta but, I’ve also seen it in my local Publix grocery store.

Other post-worthy paraben and sulfate free body washes

  1. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Soap
  2. The Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash
  3. Vitabath Coconut Creme Body Wash

What’s your favorite body wash to indulge in?  Is it paraben and sulfate-free?  


Share your thoughts below.  I’d love to hear from you!