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New Project + A Lil’ Survey

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Warning: This may be a controversial topic for some.  

Hey, loves!  I wanted to let you all know about a new project that has been on my heart for a while now to begin.  I was hesitant because it is a project geared towards a controversial topic but, I feel so strongly about it that I had to put fear to the side.

Okay, here’s where I need your help.  Only if you’re comfortable though.  I am still deciding on what the primary goal of it will be.  I want to focus on the empowering and  healing  of ALL women who have lost babies.  I’m talking due to abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth.  I had an abortion fourteen years ago that I have discussed here on the blog a few times so, it is important to me to talk about my own experience and how I have begun to heal over the years.

I am at a crossroads though because maybe it would be more appropriate to ONLY focus on post-abortion awareness.  I know that women who have had abortions are not typically seen in the same light as other mothers of angel babies because we decided to make that choice whereas other mothers did not.

However, I feel as though we ALL experience guilt, loneliness, depression and think of what could have been.  I know that I mourn my baby everyday still and have felt left out of conversations where women who had miscarriages and stillbirths could openly grieve and talk about their experience.

I do not want to offend anyone though so, I want your honest, mature opinion.

Question: Should my new project, JadenLove, focus on all women who have angel babies or just women who are dealing with post-abortion issues?

Eats, Fit Life

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The 5 things you need to know before becoming a vegetarian or vegan

Maybe you want to lose some weight, get more energy,  improve your health, or you’re just tired of eating meat. For me, it started as a way for me to get some relief from the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

If you’re thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan, here are four things that you need to know to help you on your journey. READ MORE


Let Go of Fear

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“Allow yourself moments of happiness.”

This is a quote I read this morning from the book, After You by JoJo Moyes .  It stuck in my mind because the past few weeks especially have been tough for me emotionally.  If you’ve been on social media or looked at the news, you know that it seems like the entire world has been going through a lot right now.

I pray for guidance, strength, and wisdom for myself and the nation. It is heartbreaking to witness, read, and listen to all of the recent events.  We have to do something but, we cannot act on impulse or rely on our own reasoning.  God is still in control no matter how grim things look.  It’s easy to be consumed with fear and anxiety but, it will only do more harm than good.  I refuse to live in fear and I will not.

I am taking a break from social media for a while because it has taken a toil on me.  I will use my energies to listen to what God puts on my heart to do next to help.  We all have a voice and a purpose.  Don’t let scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, distract you from what you should be concentrating on.  Online arguments and tension will NOT fix anything. Let the fear go and stay focused.