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Pandemic-Inspired Habits That Are Actually Good For You

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By Contributor, Emily Graham

The last year has brought major changes for everyone. Although these changes were unexpected – and, frankly, unwelcome – there are some shockingly bright silver linings amidst it all. Some of the ways we’ve changed our day-to-day lives have had a major impact on both our physical and psychological well-being. However, many of these changes offered opportunities to build healthy habits and give our minds the nurturing they need. Let’s take a look at a few pandemic-inspired changes you should hold on to: 

Addressing Creative Priorities 

Although we may not have thought of it this way, many of us have turned socializing and going out into our primary hobby. Once that became more complicated, we had to figure out some other way to pass the time. As a result, people started discovering creative pursuits they’d never considered before. 

If you haven’t found your creative niche yet, keep looking. Try out different forms of art, or pick up an instrument. If you’re business-minded, you might get creative satisfaction out of solidifying your own business idea. Who knows – it could become something you turn into a full-time career! Seeking creative satisfaction is a great way to soothe your spirit. 

Launching a Business

Millions of people were financially impacted by the pandemic, and though many continue to struggle, others have looked to new and different ways to make a living like starting a business

If you were financially impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, now might be the perfect time to go after a small business idea that could be beneficial to people, especially in areas that show strong support for local businesses.

The best way to get started is to form an LLC! The added personal protections of an LLC will keep your business going well into the future and also provide you with flexibility for financing. In addition, an LLC can provide creative ways to tax your business properly without breaking the bank. Creating your own business is easier than ever and can be done online in five steps or fewer.

Connecting From a Distance 

Although virtual socialization has taken off during the pandemic, odds are it will stick around far beyond its passing. Take something like online gaming, for example. With a good enough WiFi connection, you can play with friends all over the world as if they were right next to you. Yes, this has allowed us to connect with the non-household friends and family members a few streets away, but it also gives us a chance to spend time with long-distance loved ones. 

Expect video chat sessions, online gaming, and other virtual hang-outs to stay on the menu after the pandemic has passed. Lean into these forms of distanced socialization: They allow you to stay in touch with people who might otherwise fall out of your life. 

Learning How to Be Alone 

Obviously, socialization is important for our mental wellbeing. However, alone time is valuable, too. Depending on what your schedule was like pre-COVID, you may not have spent much time on your own. The self-isolation the pandemic has required, however, means that we’ve all had to learn how to enjoy our own company. Getting to know one’s self empowers you to see all of who you are – the areas worth working on, and the traits that deserve to be celebrated. 

Spending time at home has also inspired us to make sure our homes are a comfortable, welcoming environment. Many people have painted rooms, created wall art, built porches and patios and all other manner of quarantine DIYs. Creating a space where you can unwind is a necessary step toward learning how to be mindful and present in your own life. 

Valuing Time Outdoors 

Before the pandemic, there’s a good chance most of your time outdoors happened between front doors and car doors. Although this seems minimal, we all felt its absence once it went away. Working from home has kept our risk of spreading COVID-19 lower, but it also wiped out our incidental time outside. 

As a result, we’ve learned how to weave intentional outdoor time into our schedule. We’ve started going on walks, exploring local parks, and hiking nearby trails. Maybe you’ve even hosted a socially distant garden party as a way to spend low-risk time with loved ones. Time outside is great for our mental health in a number of ways, and we should continue to make an effort to get as much sun and fresh air as possible. 

Don’t get us wrong – the pandemic has come with major, undeniable challenges. But amid all the difficulties, we have learned which coping skills empower us to live the fullest lives possible. We should never let go of that drive to find joy wherever we can.

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10 Ways to Support Pregnant Loved Ones During COVID-19

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By Guest Contributor, Emily Graham

Pregnancy is difficult enough at the best of times — but during a pandemic — expectant mothers are faced with additional challenges and concerns surrounding the health and safety of themselves and their babies. And if your partner, friend, spouse, or daughter is expecting, she’ll need your love and support as she navigates the remainder of her pregnancy. These 10 resources will help you give her the support she needs!

3 Ways to Offer Support

These three resources will help you to be the supportive friend, spouse, partner, or parent your pregnant loved one needs during this exciting but challenging time in her life.

  • Organize a drive-by baby shower for your expectant loved one, or combine the party with a virtual event.
  • Help your pregnant loved one with her grocery shopping each week, or have groceries shipped directly to her home with services from Instacart, Walmart Grocery, or Shipt.
  • Share these 17 resources with your expectant loved one to help her with everything from tracking the latest coronavirus information, connecting with other parents in a safe online setting, and finding virtual prenatal classes.

Gift Ideas for Moms-to-Be

Help your expectant loved one to prepare for the arrival of her new baby with these great gift ideas.

  • Purchase a subscription box to boost your pregnant loved one’s well-being during the pandemic.
  • Give your expectant loved one the Lucille Maternity and Nursing Nightgown from Kindred Bravely, a comfortable and pretty lingerie piece for pregnant or postpartum mothers.
  • Choose from 29 thoughtful gift options for mothers-to-be, including a baby monitor, pregnancy journal, and foot massager.

Additional Resources

These additional resources will help to keep your expectant or postpartum loved one safe and healthy throughout her pregnancy.

If you have a loved one who is pregnant during these times, there are so many ways to support her and ensure that she’s cared for physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you help with her grocery shopping or host a drive-by baby shower with friends and family members, your support will mean more to her than you can imagine.

Have any other ideas? Tell us below!

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Black Breastfeeding Week

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Photo by Malcolm Davie photography

 This week (August 25th-31st) has been #blackbreastfeedingweek and  I could not let it go by without sharing my own experience.⠀My journey with Benjamin was a joyful and tiring 7 months long.  After going back to work, my supply  gradually went down and I was sooo sad.

Breastfeeding and pumping around the clock was tough, but I could tell how much he loved it and I wanted to keep going but….

My body said otherwise and I was just grateful for the 7 month journey.

Why do we need a Black Breastfeeding Week, you might be wondering?  Here are 5 important reasons:⠀

1️⃣ High Black Infant Mortality infant mortality rate is greatly contributed to by babies being too small, too sick or born too soon. The CDC estimates that increasing the rate of breastfeeding among black women could decrease the black infant mortality rate by 50%⠀

2️⃣ High Rate Of Diet-Related Disease.Many of the health conditions that plague the black community are ones that breastfeeding has been shown to prevent; such as SIDS and childhood obesity.⠀

3️⃣ Lack of Diversity in Lactation Field.There is a lack of diversity amongst breastfeeding professionals which feeds into the incorrect idea that black women don’t breastfeed. And it also leads to a cultural divide.⠀

4️⃣ Unique Cultural Barriers Among Black Women.The history of breastfeeding in the Black community has a lot of trauma which also feeds into the culture of breastfeeding while black today. Black women who were enslaved were often forced to breastfeed their slave owners children while their own babies starved.⠀

5️⃣ Desert-like Conditions in Communities.Food deserts mean that women do not have access to healthy food that supports breastfeeding.⠀Stats and facts courtesy of and the CDC.

What was your breastfeeding journey like? What resources or tips did you wish you had?

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Skin Care: Natural Laundry Detergent

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Hey loves! I know it’s been a minute or two since I have posted. Mommy life, work life, and wife life were taking up every second of my 24 hours, and to be honest I was having a difficult time finding the energy to log on and post. At the end of the day, even my fingers were exhausted but, here I am!

Today I’m sharing my top picks for natural laundry detergent.