5 All Natural Feminine Products Every Woman Needs

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Aunt Flo is here again (or on the way) and when you rush out to the pharmacy to re-up on feminine products you might reach for the conventional tampons or pads.  What I’ve learned over the past few months though is that regular tampons and pads are often made with all kinds of chemicals that can wreak havoc on your girly parts!  Some of the issues seen in conventional tampon/pad users include :

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome
  • hormonal imbalance
  • vaginal infections

In my natural health journey,  I never once considered that those tampons I have used for years could be making my PCOS symptoms worse.  I have changed what I ate, how I workout, even my thoughts but that was not enough.  I have tossed the Tampax and Always products under my bathroom sink after coming across research that showed they could be throwing my body’s hormonal system off.

The offenders in these products are:

  • irritating fragrances
  • bleach and dyes used for the cotton found in tampons and pads
  • glue

Fragrances, bleach, dyes and glue used to make most feminine care products can be irritating to your girly parts and may put you at a higher risk for cancer.  The chemicals can also be disruptors of the endocrine system which can aggravate or lead to issues such as yeast infections, infertility, and other hormone-related issues.

This was big for me because I am already living with a hormonal imbalance and want to eliminate as many things as possible from my lifestyle that may be contributing to these irregular cycles, mood swings, and breakouts. Not fun!!

Here are few healthier options next time you are shopping for feminine products.

1. Veeda tampons

I have personally used these tampons and they worked just as well as the Tampax tampons I used for years.  I love that they are made with organic cotton, and have none of the pesticides, chemicals, or dyes typically used in regular tampons.

2. Natracare tampons

– perfume and chlorine free, and also made with organic cotton, Natracare is another good contender for healthier feminine care.

3.  Sea sponges

I just read about the use of these last week! Sea sponges are naturally occuring organisms that make a great option for that time of the month.  They are biodegradable and free of any dyes, perfumes, or chemicals.

FDA regulations do not allow them to be marketed as “tampons” but, I have read so many positive reviews from women who swear by them during that time of the month.  Added incentive: I’ve even read a few women raving about how they could use it during sex. I will be ordering these and testing them out soon!

4.  Maxim feminine products

– all natural, chlorine-free, ecofriendly pads, tampons, and pantyliners

5.  Diva Cup

– this reusable cup is made of healthgrade silicone and is free of latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer, polyethylene, and other chemicals and dyes.  It is eco-friendly and I personally know of a few women who are die-hard Diva Cup users but, honestly the thought of removing the cup and putting it back in is a little unnerving for me. I’ll still be testing it out soon though.

What are your feminine care products of choice?  Would you consider doing the switch to natural products?


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