4 Natural Products for Feminine Health

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Ladies, we’ve ALL been there—the itching, burning, discharge, and feeling like hell every waking second for days, or even weeks.  Vaginal irritation and infections are something that I just thought every woman had to go through from time to time.  I was so wrong!

Yes, our anatomy does leave us more susceptible to infection and sensitivity but, we do not have to go through them every  few months like clockwork.  I have suffered from yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis over the years and the prescription medications from the doctor would give some relief in the first few days but, the infections would usually return within a few weeks.

Then, I would have to repeat the cycle again.  Infection, doctor, medication, relief.  Infection, doctor, medication, relief.

As I began to do my own research, I realized that my body’s pH was being thrown off constantly due to my hormones being out of balance.  I started to read more about using more natural feminine products that did not have all of the chemicals, fragrances and irritants that more mainstream products contain.

In addition to dietary changes, making the conscious decision to make the switch has had such a great effect on my body.  After I started using NatraCare tampons and more natural products to keep my lady parts healthy, I experience very little vaginal irritation or infections anymore.

I’m so grateful!

Also, my periods which used to only come around every 3 to 4 months due to my PCOS, have come every single month and on time for the past 4 months.  I cannot believe how in sync my body is getting on its own.  No prescription meds or anything.

Thank you Lord for these small victories.

Y’all would not believe how remarkable these changes are for me.  This natural journey has been long and hard but, it has been so worth it and my body is thanking me everyday.

Today, I’m sharing four natural products that can help you to keep those infections at bay.

What are some of your tried and true feminine health products? 


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