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3 Natural SunscreenProducts (2)

My thirties have taught me so many lessons. Some hurt like hell and others yielded some pretty cool results. The list is pretty long but, I’d say that the top three are: how to live without fear (still working on it), how to be okay with me while still working on the not so great things about me, and how to take better care of my skin.

For years, I have sat in dermatologists’ offices and played the not-so-fun game of buying the newest, expensive skin care product only to have it sitting in a bathroom cabinet a few weeks later.

One thing that was missing from my skincare arsenal for a while was sunscreen. For the longest time I thought that because I am African American I did not need it (biggest myth ever).  Then, I found out that skin cancer could still affect me, brown skin and all, and it can help prevent premature aging, wrinkles, and those little dark spots that got on my last nerves over the years.

I went through a number of sunscreen products that just did not work for me.  They were either super greasy on my already oily skin or left a white film on my face–not the look I’m going for.  Not to mention the chemicals that can be found in many of the sunscreens.

I’ve found three sunscreens that work great without all of the extra chemicals.  Honestly, I’ve only used the first two sunscreen products but, the Suntegrity is still on my list.


JASON Pure Natural Sunscreen,


Alba Very Emollient Mineral sunscreen,





Wear your sunscreen everyday, ladies!  Which sunscreen product are you loving right now?