Happy Women’s Equality Day!

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Happy Women's Equality Day

It’s a great day to be a woman (Well, everyday is honestly)! On this day ninety-five years ago, in 1920, women were finally able to vote in the United States. This huge step in history  is remembered by naming today Women’s Equality Day!  I love the idea of recognizing how far women have come and bringing to light all of the important issues which still exist.

Let me start off by saying that for me this is not about some male-bashing, power struggle.  God made both genders for a reason.  Men and women have many things to offer the world.  I just would like to see respect and basic rights be the same across the board.

Many women have struggled and fought for the rights we have today and it is definitely not something to take lightly.  Today, women are undeniably business-savvy, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, confident mothers and wives, and such important parts of the workforce and community.  While there has been so much advancement, many issues still exist for women both in the U.S. and particularly in other parts of the world.

Unequal pay in the workplace, mysogyny, negative body image, and abuse are just a few of the issues that women are still dealing with in 2015.  Let’s use our voices not to tear one another down and compete but, to be heard and continue to fight for the fundamental human rights of women.